Continuing Education Program
for Health Professionals

    Meridian Institute is dedicated to researching holistic and integrative approaches to wellness and healing.  Our research focuses on various modalities and systems including the holistic philosophy of Edgar Cayce, traditional osteopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, mind-body healing, and spiritual transformation.

    Based on our research we have created a variety of educational materials.  One of the exciting new opportunities in this area of development is on-line continuing education for health professionals.

    Some of the peer-reviewed articles, reports and book chapters on the Meridian Institute website have been formatted for continuing education and examination purposes.  All of the modules in the Meridian Institute Continuing Education Program have been designed to meet the Virginia Medical Board requirements for "Type 2" credit for medical doctors, osteopathic physicians and chiropractors.  Practitioners in other states must review the applicable requirements for his/her state or organization.  Each practitioner is responsible for determining the appropriateness of these CEU modules for his/her educational needs and licensing requirements.

    The CEU hour designation for each module is an estimation based on approximate time required to complete the study and exam process for that module.  The documentation provided by Meridian Institute at the completion of each module is based on this estimate.  For A.R.E. Health Professinal CEU requirements, the designated number of hours will be credited to you if you check the appropriate box at the bottom of the exam form.  For all other organizations (such as theVirginia Medical Board), use the actual amount of time spent on each module for reporting purposes.

    The Meridian Institute Continuing Education Program is a free service.  There are no fees or obligations.  We hope that you find the information interesting and useful.

     Currently, the following on-line CEU modules are available from Meridian Institute:
  • Cayce Primer and Update
    • Paper presented at the American Holistic Medical Association 23rd Annual Scientific Conference, May 31 - June 3, 2000; Tuscon, AZ.
    • Word count = 5,958
    • 2 A.R.E. CEUs
    • Take the exam

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